Jettin Vic is a non for profit sporting Association dedicated to the evolution of the Sport of Personal Watercraft Riding.

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Melbourne Seadoo BRP

​Diptech Performance

Peter Stevens

29/02/2020 & 01/03/2020 closed course training/race day.

08/03/2020 time trial NWSC.

29/03/2020 time trial NWSC.

18/04/2020 & 19/04/2020 closed course training/race day.


Rider training

Our History


Jettin Vic was formed in 2018 by experienced riders of whom have competed nationally as well as internationally.With our backbone dna of the club formed in 1986,we are in  close working relationships with the Victorian PWC Community, The Victorian Government, MSV, Parks Victoria and our Manufacturer and Trade Partners.


Call 33 PWC for any inquiries 


Future events ...

Jettin Vic. EST 2018

Lets make PWC racing great again.